Payment System Analytics for ACOs

Medicare ACOs face significant challenges when attempting to analyze the claims data provided by CMS. Since claims are adjudicated continuously, the data provided by Medicare contains original claims, adjustments and replacements that must be properly processed for accurate results. Failing to accurately prepare the claims data can lead to duplication and incorrect results.

Singletrack Analytics’ ACO claims reporting programs provide simple but powerful analytics from preprocessed claims and demographics data. Based on the Microsoft® PowerPivot technology, users can work within a familiar Excel-based environment to review trends in costs, admissions, out-of-network services and other critical population health metrics. In addition to dashboards, the complete set of data is available through a simple table-like interface, allowing development of a wide variety of ad-hoc analyses. 

Key Performance Dashboard

This flexible, low-cost ACO analytics solution is particularly attractive to physician-based ACOs without large capital budgets for whom high-cost enterprise-level reporting solutions aren’t affordable. Our easily-customizable approach allows these organizations to focus on their specific analytical needs and health management strategies, working within a familiar Excel-type environment.