Providing payment system analytics and advice for healthcare providers and purchasers

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Singletrack Analytics assists healthcare providers and purchasers to utilize their financial and clinical data to achieve their strategic goals. We work with our clients to:

  • Understand the details and implications of financial environments, particularly new payment systems such as bundled payments or ACOs,
  • Develop metrics and analyses that effectively measure success
  • Design and build information systems that support the metrics, and
  • Assist clients to utilize this data in effective decision-making.

In an information–asymmetrical world in which payers generally have the upper hand, we provide our clients with the information necessary to create a level playing field in payment negotiations. In new and evolving payment systems we integrate unfamiliar sources of data into a coherent structure from which new metrics and analytics can flow.

At Singletrack Analytics, we’re passionate about data and its use. Let us show you how we can help successfully integrate your data into your success strategies.