Services for Bundled Payment Participants

The Medicare Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) program is now operational, and participants are at risk for Medicare costs in the episodes. During this period it will be critical to assess care management initiative effectiveness, monitor costs relative to targets, and to work with an experienced team of analytics professionals to make the best possible use of their data.

Since the beginning of BPCI, Singletrack Analytics has teamed up with DataGen, a HANYS Solutions Company of the Hospital Association of New York State, to provide applicants and participants with advanced analytical tools to assess their opportunities and performance in this program. Our CJR 360 and BPCI 360 analytics toolsets transform the CMS bundled payment data into a series of user-friendly dashboards that allow comparing your performance to the expected target rates to be used for reconciliation. These dashboards are built on a robust fourth-generation analytical model that allows stream-of-consciousness analysis of all levels of BPCI data.

The dashboard reports were built from our experience with more than three dozen BPCI clients, and summarize the key metrics and trends that are critical for success under this program. And the ad-hoc reporting capabilities of the analytical models allow drilling down to the claim level and summarizing by claim fields such as diagnosis codes, provider names and post-acute facility type. Comparisons with historical periods and regional averages are possible, and models can be enhanced with user-added data, such as a list of post-acute network providers.

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Our clients have the benefit of a team with decades of healthcare financial experience, in-depth knowledge of payment systems and state-of-the-art analytical models to guide their decisions in this volatile area. Our approach provides a cost-effective process for guiding CJR and BPCI applicants through the participation period, and providing them with the information and tools necessary to evaluate their initatives and project their financial results.

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