Evaluating BPCI Advanced Target Factors in Episode Selection

Submitted by jonpearce on Sun, 2018-07-08 19:49

Along with the BPCI Advanced claims data, CMS provided to applicants with an Excel workbook named 2018_05_31_bpid-0000_Baseline_MY_1_2_Prelim_TP.xlsx containing the preliminary targets for all episode types in which the hospital had sufficient baseline episode volume. Those workbooks also contained the three factors that are used to adjust each hospital's baseline cost to compute the final target amount.

Why Many Hospitals Left CJR

Submitted by jonpearce on Sun, 2018-02-11 07:50

CMS recently released an updated "frequently asked questions" document for the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) program. Of interest in that FAQ was statistics regarding the number of hospitals currently participating in CJR. As most followers of mobile payment programs are aware, CMS reclassified 33 of the 67 formerly-mandatory Metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) to be voluntary, allowing hospitals in those MSAs to cease participation in the CJR program.