Financial and Information Technology Consulting Services

...assuring that strategic goals can be measured with information that is available...

Singletrack Analytics financial and information technology services enable healthcare organizations without business intelligence competency centers to make better decisions through stronger integration of financial and data-related analytics. 

Singletrack Analytics’ Financial and Information Technology Services consultants bridge the gaps between finance and data analytics. Our financial team members are also Microsoft certified business intelligence developers and understand the intricacies of obtaining correct and relevant data and preparing it to achieve the required results. With an intimate long-term knowledge of the healthcare financial and strategic environment, Singletrack's consultants work at all levels, assuring that strategic goals can be measured with information that is available; designing effective metrics for meeting financial, operational and quality goals; and then working with the client’s IT and analytics staff to design the necessary infrastructure , reporting and analytics systems to provide financial managers access to that information on timely and accurate basis. Our clients enjoy the critical strategic vision of experienced consultants who

  • Understand the strategic and financial issues facing healthcare organizations
  • Can translate those issues into the guiding metrics that will measure success
  • Will implement systems to derive those metrics from the underlying data, and
  • Will work with management to interpret the results and plan appropriate next steps

Singletrack can also provide financial technology training and assistance to improve the skills of Finance and Decision Support staff members.