Health Reform

"Cracking Health Costs" Reviewed

Over the recent weeks, numerous challenges have appeared to the “conventional wisdom” of healthcare reform.  Often touted as the solution to the growth in healthcare spending, accountable care organizations are now experiencing potential defections from the Pioneer ACO program, and

Will the ACA's Market Forces Reduce Costs?

Here’s an interesting article by healthcare economist Bob Laszewski on the nuances in the new California insurance rates.

What Does the Oregon Medicaid Report Tell Us About Health Insurance?

Few recent issues have generated as much contradictory interpretation from the same set of facts at the recent release in the New England Journal of Medicine (link is here, but requires subscription) of its analysis of the Oregon Medicaid program.

Health Reform Constitutionality – The Journey Continues


For those of us who are not lawyers but enjoyed watching them in action, the legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act have been more entertaining than the new TV season.  The stakes got kicked up a little higher this week when both the Obama administration and the original plaintiffs requested the Supreme Court to review the decision of the 11th Circuit court.  A Health Affairs blog has a detailed description of this case at http://healthaffairs

Health Insurance Mandate “Analytics” for Consumers


This is a little off topic from our other “analytics” postings, but a recent article (“The Operation of the Individual Tax Mandate” by Jeffrey H.Kahn) presents a fascinating analysis of the complexities of the tax consequences of not obtaining the health insurance coverage required under the health reform law.

Recommended Healthcare Reading

A recent poisting on the Better Health blog recommends four books to better understanding the US healthcare system:

The "Other" Medicare Pilot Program

Everyone involved in healthcare knows about ACOs.  Every healthcare publication contains at least one article about them.  Every seminar has a session describing them.  They're on every consultant's lips.  Google "ACO" and you'll find dozens of references to them (along with "ant colony optimization" and the American Cornhole Organization, which presumably have nothing to do with health reform). 

New CBO Report on PPACA Budget Impact

CBO released an updated report on the budget effects of PPACAThe Congressional Budget Office released an interesting report on the effects of the health reform legislation that include two years (2010 and 2011) that were not included in the original CBO scoring as well some events that occurred subsequent to its passage.  Several points are interesting, including the following:

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