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Analytics for Bundled Payments - Introduction

This article is an excerpt of Singletrack Analytics' "Analytics for Bundled Payment" white paper. To request a copy, complete the information on the Contact Us page.

Analytics for Bundled Payments - Overview of the Analysis

This article is an excerpt of Singletrack Analytics' "Analytics for Bundled Payment" white paper.  To request a copy, complete the information on the Contact Us page.

CMS Delays Bundled Payment Data and Applications

CMS has announced revised dates for the applications for Models 2-4 of the Medicare Bundled Payment Initiative.  These applications are now due on April 30, 2012.  For applicants who have requested the Medicare claims data, those requests are now scheduled to be filled by February 28, 2012.

Health Affairs Articles offer Alternative Opinions on Bundled Payment

Two recent Health Affairs articles have focused on different aspects of bundled payment programs, and appear to show different variations on opportunities for success. 

Bundled Payment Letters of Intent Due Soon

Non-binding letters of intent for the CMS Bundled Payment Initiative are due next Friday November 4.  This initiative allows physicians and hospitals to collaborate to improve quality and reduce costs, and to share the savings with the physicians.  As opposed to the ACO payment program that hasn’t been part of a previous demonstration, bundled payments have been piloted with the Acute Care Episodes (ACE) demonstration project that’s currently ongoing, and with the heart bypass demonstration of the late 1990s, and participants have had generally favorable results. 

CMS Bundled Payments Director Shows Understanding of Hospital Issues

In previous blog postings we’ve commented about the guidelines that CMS recently issued for the bundled payment initiative, noting that they were extremely flexible and gave the providers considerable leeway in proposing approaches to work together with physicians to achieve quality improvements and cost savings.   In a recent interview in

More Details on CMS Bundled Payment Program

We’ve had a chance to study the CMS bundled payment initiative application that was released several weeks ago, and our opinions on its advantages haven’t changed from our original postings on this topic. Participants are offered significant amounts of flexibility in designing a package that will benefit their specific circumstances, and select MS-DRGs and tailor gainsharing programs with more flexibility than in previous bundled payment demonstrations. Hospitals can participate in this program and an ACO, as was clarified in this application.

CMS Bundled Payment Program Looks Attractive to Hospitals

CMS has released a fact sheet describing the “Bundled Payments for Care Improvement” initiative. This program, which was part of the PPACA health reform law, allows hospitals, physicians and other providers to be paid a prospectively-determined rate for a specific episode of care, and then to share any savings that accrue through cooperative efforts to reduce costs.

The "Other" Medicare Pilot Program

Everyone involved in healthcare knows about ACOs.  Every healthcare publication contains at least one article about them.  Every seminar has a session describing them.  They're on every consultant's lips.  Google "ACO" and you'll find dozens of references to them (along with "ant colony optimization" and the American Cornhole Organization, which presumably have nothing to do with health reform). 

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