Bundled Payment Pilot

Early Physician Involvement is Critical in Bundled Payment Analysis

The analysis and preparation process for the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement initiative is now entering its final month.

Singletrack News - June 2012

Singletrack Principal Jon Pearce will be presenting on "Data Analytics for Healthcare Financial Managers" at the PICPA Healthcare Conference on June 11, 2012.  This session will discuss the challenges financial managers face to acquire information in databases, such as those provided by CMS to ACOs and bundled payment participants.

Selecting Episode Length in Bundled Payment

In the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative, an important decision involves selecting the length of the episode.  According to the CMS application guidelines, organizations choosing a minimum 30 day episode must propose a discount equal to at least 3% of the historical cost of the episode, while organizations selecting a minimum 90 day episode may propose a minimum 2% discount. 

Analyzing Bundled Payment Data with PowerPivot

Attendees at this year’s Phila HFMA Decision Support and Financial Technology seminar heard several sessions describe the new PowerPivot add-in for Microsoft Excel.  Presenters described its ability to handle large million-row data sets with extremely fast response times.  But  how big can the datasets be, and how fast is the response time? 

CMS Extends Bundled Payment Application Deadline to June 28

You'd have to be blind not to see that coming, right???

Info is on the CMMI bundled payment website

CMS Changes Bundled Payment Calculation

Many participants on today’s Technical Assistance Conference Call were surprised to hear the change to the payment calculation that will now be required for the bundled pricing proposal.

Risk Adjustments and Bundled Payments

The CMS guidelines for the Medicare bundled payment initiative suggest that CMS will be receptive to the use of risk adjustments in establishing the episode payment budget for DRGs to be paid under this program.  This prompted the Singletrack Analytics research team to fire up its HCC grouper to explore how risk adjustment might be integrated into a bundled payment process.

Post-Discharge Services Create New Challenges for Medicare Bundled Payment Participants

Risk Assumption in the Medicare Bundled Payment Initiative

CBO Report Questions Success of Medicare Demonstration Projects

A new report (Lessons from Medicare's Demonstration Projects on Disease Management, Care Coordination, and Value-Based Payment) by the Congressional Budget Office paints a depressing picture of the cost effectiveness of many Medicare demonstration programs.  This report reviewed the outcomes of 10 major demonstrations conducted by CMS and concludes that few of them have any effect on cost and quality.  The summary of the report presents its major findings:

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