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National Bundled Payment Summit 2015 Presentation - Video

Submitted by jonpearce on Fri, 2015-10-02 12:22

At the National Bundled Payment Summit in Washington DC last June, we presented a session on risk and opportunity in bundled payments. Jon Pearce from Singletrack Analytics gave an overview of risk and opportunity in bundled payments, while Jessica Walradt from the Association of American Medical Colleges and Lily Pazand from NYU Langone Medical Center discussed successes and challenges in their related organizations.

Choosing Fracture-Based Targets in BPCI

Submitted by jonpearce on Thu, 2015-08-27 18:24

CMS has made the option available to BPCI participants to have their targets for the Major Joint Replacement of the Lower Extremity episodes stratified by whether the patient had a hip fracture. This issue is of concern to some BPCI participants because episodes involving fractures are considerably more costly than non-fracture episodes. While non-fracture episodes may cost $20-22,000, fracture episodes are typically 45-50% higher at $35-40,000.