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Evaluating Opportunities in the Medicare Bundled Payment Program

The Medicare Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) program offers hospitals and post-acute providers the opportunity to work collaboratively to coordinate care occurring during and after an inpatient stay, and to retain most of the savings that may be generated as a result of the elimination of unnecessary provider services. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is allowing providers that are already participating in this program to evaluate expanding their participation to additional episode families.

The Four Generations of Analytics Tools

As the science of analytics advances, new tools are being developed to allow analysts greater abilities to access data and unearth information. The “state of the art” continues to be a moving target, and analytics tools continue to advance as the skills of the analysts increase. The more recent tools require a broader skillset that incorporates both “domain” knowledge about the subject area and technical knowledge of how to use the tools.

The "Lowest Common Denominator" Theory of Analytics

This afternoon we had the pleasure of listening to one of our clients describe their analytics work dealing with the Medicare bundled payment initiative. They highlighted some of the reports that they had assembled from a variety of different hospital-based systems, described in detail their use of Microsoft's PowerPivot analytics tool, and showed how an advanced analytics shop can drive an entire healthcare initiative.

Outlier Oddities - How the Middle BPCI Risk Track Became the Right Choice

Once advantage of working with many clients is the diversity of situations that you get to see. So when we got a call that a client wanted to discuss the merits of the various selections of risk tracks under the Medicare BPCI bundled payment initiative, we gathered the team together for a conference call.

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