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Why Analysts Can't ONLY use Excel 2010

In a previous posting, we extolled the virtues of Excel 2010 for healthcare data analysts.  Excel 2010 offers significant advantages over previous versions of Excel, as that article describes. 

Why Analysts Should Use Excel 2010

I can hear the cries now.  "But we just had to learn Excel 2007 a few years ago.  Why do we have to learn something new now?"  Because it's worth it, so simmer down and take a serious look.

How Will "Cloud" Databases Help Healthcare Providers?

Internet-based databases offer significant computing capabilities to organizations without creating the need for a complex data infrastructure.

MIT Sloan Management Review discusses "How the Analytics Gap Decides Who Wins"

It's not the data that's the problem.  It's the people.  So says a fascinating article in the winter 2011 issue of “MIT Sloan Management Review” (  This extensive article written by several IBM researchers explores how organizations are utilizing analytics to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to become top performers in their industries.  The article profiles results of a massive survey of more than 3000 business executives in mu

The EMR to end all EMRs


Check out this website: for a parady of electronic health records systems that create such complexity in a medical practice that they crowd out the actual practice of medicine.  The site was developed by the maker of manual records systems, so it's obviously not unbiased, but it probably shares the sentiments of many organizations that have attempted to implement EMR systems.

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