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“BPCI Advanced” Announcement Leaves Many Questions Unanswered


By Jonathan Pearce, CPA, FHFMA

Update 2/7/2018 – CMS has clarified some of the issues described in the article below. However, major questions in the following areas remain significant to potential participants. We hope that clarifications on these issues will be released shortly, since they will have a major effect on the episodes selected by participants.

Will Submitting PRO Data Increase Your CJR Payments?


by Jonathan W. Pearce, CPA, FHFMA, Principal, Singletrack Analytics, LLC and Steven Wood, PhD, VP of Research and Strategic Partnerships, CODE Technology

Chasing the Rabbit – Keeping Up with Changes in the CJR Regional Targets

By Jonathan Pearce and John Kalamaras

What to Look For In BPCI Advanced


by Jonathan Pearce and Darcie Hurteau

Update: the BPCI Advanced program was announced by CMS on January 9. Our initial comments on this program are in this article.

CMS Drops Half of the MSAs from CJR

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