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Medicare Bundled Payment and Accountable Care Organizations Programs

Episode Choices and Bundled Payment Risk

This article discusses the effect on risk of selecting larger groups of episodes.

"Assessing Participation Risk in the Medicare Bundled Payment Initiative"

This paper discusses the issues in evaluating risk in bundled payment programs that originates from the randomness of individual episode costs, and the process for analyzing those risks.

"Lessons Learned from Bundled Payment"

This session was presented at the eHealth Initiatives "National Forum on Data and Analytics in Health Care" in Washington DC on August 9, 2012 as part of a panel discussion on using analytics to support accountable care.  It's a narrated PowerPoint slideshow - be sure your speakers are turned on and start the slideshow if it doesn't autostart. 

"The Return of Capitation - Preparing for Population-Based Health Care"

This article from the July 2012 issue of Healthcare Financial Management provides an overview of capitation payment, the types of providers who can be capitated, and the relationships between the financial statements and incentives between providers and capitated organizations. It also discusses metrics used under capitated payment methods and various forms of risk adjustment.  Reprints can be downloaded from here.

Compensating Providers under Population-Based Payment Systems

This article was a companion to "The Return of Capitation - Preparing for Population-Based Health Care", which was published in the July 2012 issue of Healthcare Financial Management.  It describes various types of provider compensation systems, the incentives provided by those systems, the allocation of risk among providers created by different compensation systems, and considerations for their implementation.

Analytics for Collaborative Care - Presentation at HANYS SWAT Conference - 10/11

Jon Pearce presented a comprehensive presentation on "Analytics for Collaborative Care" at the Hospital Association of New York State SWAT conference in October 2011.  This presentation describes the business model, financial model, metrics, data requirements, infrastructure and staffing requirements for an organization contracting for risk-based payment.

Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Initiative

CMS recently released the application for participation in the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Initiative. A description of that program and the analytical steps to evaluate and prepare for it are in our white paper on Opportunities in the Medicare Bundled Payment Initiative, which was reprinted on Becker's Hospital Review website.

Analytics for ACOs - a Framework for Strategy and Due Diligence

"Analytics for ACOs - a Framework for Strategy and Due Diligence" appeared in the July 2011 issue of Accountable Care News.

Picking Winners and Losers in ACOs: Lessons from the PGP Demonstration

The Physician Group Practice demonstration project that ran from 2005 through 2010 offers some interesting insights into the characteristics of organizations that may succeed as ACOs.  Our white paper referencing this demonstration entitied "Picking Winners and Losers in ACOs" offers some interesting insights. 

Analytics for ACOs: Measuring the Depth Before Diving In

Becker's Hospital Review also recently excerpted this Singletrack Analytics white paper on developing an analytics plan for ACOs.

First Steps in ACO Analytics

Organizations applying for the ACO program are expected to receive historical data from CMS covering the members that have been attributed to their organizations.  Singletrack Analytics' white paper on "First Steps in ACO Analytics" provides some insights on starting out with ACO analytics..

Evaluating the Medicare Pilot Programs

This paper on Evaluating the Medicare Pilot Programs, published in Becker’s Hospital Review, evaluates the significantly difference characteristics, costs, risks and opportunities of the ACO and Bundled Payment programs, each of which may be attractive to different types of healthcare organizations. A PDF version can be downloaded.

Understanding the Medicare Bundled Payment

Jon Pearce’s Philadelphia HFMA webinar on Understanding the Medicare Bundled Payment Program from January 2011 may be helpful in understanding the program.

The Medicare Bundled Payment: Participation Considerations

Jon Pearce's article in the September 2010 issue of Healthcare Financial Management (reprinted with permission).

8 Things to Know About Medicare's Bundled Payment Pilot

Jon Pearce is quoted in this article from Becker's Hospital Review.

Health Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

A Structured Process for Spreadsheet Review

Spreadsheets have become universal in the financial world, yet their flexibility also allows for significant potential for error.  This white paper presents several techniques for identifying and correcting spreadsheet errors.

Analytics for ACOs: Measuring the Depth Before Diving In
Becker's Hospital Review also recently excerpted this Singletrack Analytics white paper.

Decision Support Systems
Co-presentation at the National Pace Association Institute, October 2010, by Jon Pearce with Mark Sheppard, IT Director for LIFE Pittsburgh, based on a business intelligence/data warehousing project completed for the LIFE Pittsburgh PACE program. 

Books on Analytics

Many recent books have addressed the critical need for analytics in all business situations. Two good ones are